"We are the Land".

Sts’ailes has an inherent right to self-govern itself and all Sts’ailes people. Rights & Title follows the laws of our land according to traditional laws (snowoyelh) and insures that others respect the title and rights of Sts’ailes and our ways of governing ourselves for the protection and assertion of our sacred land (Xa’xa temexw) and to determine future uses of our traditional territory. 

Sts’ailes Chief and Council as the governing body of Sts’ailes are responsible for the management, assertion and protection of Sts’ailes Rights and Title. To assist in this endeavour a number of committees were formed.  Rights & Title staff work closely with these and other committees, departments, legal counsel, as well as various consultants.

According to Council’s vision to achieve sovereignty and self-governance, the department is mandated to assert our jurisdiction, develop the constitution, create codes and laws, and reclaim ownership rights in our territory.  This includes and is not limited to justice, the environment and our natural resources.

Rights & Title leads a number of negotiations for Sts’ailes for the protection of our traditional territory and governing rights.  It's involved in negotiations with both the provincial and federal governments' various ministries/departments. Negotiations are ongoing with surrounding regional districts/municipalities, and other First Nations/organizations.

The staff strive to manage and protect Sts’ailes cultural and heritage sites throughout the territory. The groundwork of these efforts is the need for an accurate and comprehensive inventory of archaeological sites and culturally and spiritually important places. Accordingly, Rights & Title staff build on existing datasets through a range of ongoing studies that range from Traditional Use Study (TUS) interviews, genealogical studies, place name studies, and archaeological fieldwork and analysis. Information is also incorporated by monitoring and reviewing all projects in the territory that take place in and around important cultural and heritage sites.

We are the land. We have lived in balance with all things since time immemorial therefore we have an ongoing responsibility to respect our Xa’xa temexw. 

We believe our strength is achieved by maintaining our connection to the land, our stories, our culture and spirituality. By maintaining our solidarity, we will continue to grow and flourish as a strong, independent Sts’ailes Nation.

Sts'ailes Environmental Stewardship Policy

This document outlines some of the mechanisms that we have put in place to ensure that we can continue our tradition of stewardship during this time of unprecedented demand for terrestrial and aquatic resources. Sts’ailes’ Environmental Stewardship Policy includes our philosophy of natural resource preservation, outlines the range of resources covered under this policy, and provides a process for engaging Sts’ailes in consultation. Also included in this document are guidelines for proponents and professionals proposing to conduct natural resource related research in Sts’ailes territory.

Sts'ailes Cultural Heritage Resources Policy

This document outlines some of the mechanisms that we have put in place to ensure that we can continue our tradition of stewardship. Sts’ailes’ Cultural Heritage Policy manual includes our philosophy of cultural heritage preservation, outlines the nature of our cultural heritage resources, and provides a process for the identification, protection, and interpretation of these resources. Also included in this document are guidelines for professional archaeologists conducting Archaeological Impact Assessments and guidelines for academics wishing to conduct research with Sts’ailes people or in Sts’ailes territory. 



Boyd Peters
Rights & Title Manager
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E: boyd.peters@stsailes.com

Fran Douglas
Senior Research Assistant
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Morgan Ritchie
Heritage Research Archaeologist
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Tim Felix
Research Technician
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Karla Point
Reconciliation Agreement Coordinator
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