Council’s vision is to build on this positive growth and meet the need for even more homes. This will enable our people returning home to Sts’ailes to live in healthier and safer conditions - especially our Elders and those with disabilities. Adequate and safe housing continues to be one of our most important needs. As programs to facilitate this evolve, we would love to see more opportunities for home ownership in Sts’ailes. 

Housing provides the following services: 

  • Assisting members applying for the housing loans program

  • Advocating for more Elders’ emergency funds

  • Assisting members with obtaining renovation dollars

  • Overseeing Band rental units and social housing units

  • Advocating for more dollars in all housing programs

  • Collecting housing arrears


Sherry Point
Housing/Capital & Public Works Director
T: 604.796.2116
E: sherry.point@stsailes.com