In the past year it has been the goal of the Sts’ailes to diversify the role of the Finance Department and provide leadership by assisting in the structuring of a development corporation.  Our intent is to raise revenues for the Band to assist with existing educational and social programs, as well as new capital projects, such as new lights for the sports fields. We plan to expand business and job development opportunities for the Sts’ailes community without risking Band assets or paying unnecessary income tax.

A significant accomplishment of the Finance Department has been to provide Sts’ailes with the new Finance and Administration Law, Advanced Tax Ruling and Property Taxation regulation. Its purpose is to assess the non-band interests registered on reserve and tax them at an established rate which they currently pay to the District of Kent. This is not intended to tax Band membership.


Finance Director
T: 604.796.2116
E: first.last@stsailes.com

Jason Felix
Payroll & Benefits Administrator
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E: jason.felix@stsailes.com

Celina Leon
Accounts Payable Clerk
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E: celina.leon@stsailes.com

Tara Campbell
Senior Finance Clerk
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E: tara.campbell@stsailes.com