Registered Community Members nominate and vote for one Chief and nine Councilors. The Chief appoints each Council Member to a Portfolio that represents a department or a specific program. The appointed Council Member politically represents their allotted department/program and offers guidance and support to the appropriate Director/Manager. 

Council selects two or three Community Members to join the appointed Council Member, forming a Committee group. These Committees support Chief and Council by assisting in the interpretation of policy as well as making recommendations for policy amendments. Not only does the Committee system create an avenue for community input into policy, which guides Band operations, it also generates community awareness and serves as guidance and preparation for potential Council members – our future community leaders. 

2019 Sts’ailes Elections Results




Portfolios & Committees

Snowoyelh Portfolio
Boyd Peters

Housing - Public Works - Fire Department Portfolio
Chad Paul

Education Portfolio
Cheryl Charlie

Health - E.P.P. - Youth, Elders & Recreation - Justice Portfolio
Daryl Francis

SDC - Fisheries & Wildlife Portfolio
Kelsey Charlie

Ma:yt (HR - Administration - Social Development - EAS - IT) Portfolio
Sherry Point

Finance Portfolio
Sherylynn Crispin

Lands & C.P.P. - Constitution Development Portfolio
Tim Felix

Inter Government Relations - Negotiations - Rights & Title - Culture - Kwi.
Ralph Leon Jr.

Governance Structure