The Beating Heart Newsletter is the pulse of the community. Here you can find important updates, birthday announcements and various information regarding all things Sts’ailes.  

The newsletter’s main form comes as an electronic newsletter, which you can subscribe to and receive notification when the Beating Heart is ready to read.  At the moment, a printed newsletter is only offered to our elder’s within the community and mailed out to off reserve members who do not have access online.  

We are also excited to announce that our printed newsletters are now made with 100% sustainable paper! They are 25% hemp fibers and 75% post-consumer material, so no trees were cut down when the paper was made!



** For Newsletters dated 2017 and beyond, please contact Mikhail.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to submit an article:

Mikhail Crispin
T: 604-796-2116