Lands Office

The Lands Office is one part of the Lands & Planning Department. The Lands Office manages Sts’ailes Lands in accordance with the Land Code and any other applicable laws, regulations or policies in recognition and assertion of our inherent right to govern our own reserve lands and resources. Membership is encouraged to participate in the law-making process as part of our collective responsibility to our Xa’xa Temexw (our sacred lands), and to each other in the spirit of lets’emo:t (working together with one heart and one mind).

We said yes to Land Code. What Happens now? 

  1. Identification of Land Laws to be created

  2. Engage Sts’ailes members in the creation of Land Laws identified

  3. Enact and enforce the Land Laws

Benefits of your involvement:

  • You could have a great idea? We won’t know until you tell us

  • Your vision for the future generations is important to share

  • Your input is helping form the community voice

  • Your voice matters!

The top 3 laws indicated by participants so far are:

  • Environmental Management

  • Resource Management

  • Animal Control

How we are gathering community input:

Two Land Law Canoe activities we facilitated with Sts’ailes members at the November Open House, the Lands Committee, Chief and Council as well as with the Directors Team. The purpose of the Canoe Activity is to get members to vote for what laws they see as an immediate need in Sts’ailes.

 Lands Office will facilitate lawmaking sessions open to the community. Dates for community lawmaking sessions will be announced shortly. 

Law Enactment 

Animal Protection and Control Law – Posted for Community Review

A draft version of the Animal Protection and Control Law is available for review. 


Dawn Charlie
Lands Manager
T: 604.796.2116

Stephanie Leon Riedl
Executive Assistant
T: 604.796.2116