Sts’ailes Culture

sasqOur name, Sts’ailes, meaning the Beating Heart, comes from halfway up the west side of Harrison Lake. In this spot, Xals, the Transformer, battled a once-powerful shaman called the Doctor and turned him to stone. In an effort to preserve and limit him, Xals broke apart pieces of his body and spread them throughout the territory, creating landmarks. Where his heart landed became known as our village, Sts’ailes.

Our culture here in Sts’ailes runs very strong.  We take great pride in what we do and how we carry ourselves with our ceremonies and spirituality. We "Live the Culture”. We perform many ceremonies such as The First Salmon Ceremony, Ground Breakings for new buildings, we have many drummers with vast knowledge of our traditional songs and talented artists that are very well known in our territory and beyond!

Coming to our gatherings and events you will see firsthand how we "Live the Culture”.  It is our way of Life.