Te Lalem - Specialized Resource Home

Te Lalem (means "the house") started as a Sts’ailes specialized residential resource program in April 2008 through a collaborative partnership between Sts’ailes and MCFD to keep families together while parents learn to safely care for their children. 

Parents and children are accepted into the program through a social worker referral. Length of stay is based on each family’s unique plan. 

In 2009, when Snowoyelh Department was formed, te Lalem came under its umbrella. te Lalem is a family healing and growth program that has worked with 15 parents and 28 children as of June 2012. 

Jolie Lawrence manages this 24-hour a day 7 day a week program with the help of 6 program staff. Residents learn traditional parenting and basic life skills from staff with Sts’ailes Cultural Competencies. Residents also participate in Sts’ailes cultural community events as part of their healing and growth experience. Furthermore, residents and their families work collaboratively with staff and their social worker to develop and implement individualized safety and support plans.

If you have any questions or would like to access any of the Te Lalem services, please feel free to contact our office:

Telephone: 604.796.1282         Email: snowoyelh.reception@stsailes.com

Te Lalem Application Forms



Jolie Lawrence
Te Lalem Program Manager
T: 604.796.1282
E: jolie.lawrence@stsailes.com

Vanessa Charlie
Daytime Support Worker
T: 604.796.1282
E: vanessa.charlie@stsailes.com

Glenn Joe
Evening Support Worker
T: 604.796.1282
E: glenn.joe@stsailes.com

Liz Thorne-Joe
Evening Support Worker
T: 604.796.1282
E: liz.thorne@stsailes.com

Zelda William
Weekend Support Worker
T: 604.796.1282
E: zelda.william@stsailes.com

Julie Harris
Night Support Worker
T: 604.796.1282
E: julie.harris@stsailes.com