"Snowoyelh” is the natural law provided by the Creator. It is the "Law of Everything”. This Sts’ailes natural law guides us in our obligation and duty to ensure safety and wellbeing of our children, our families, our ancestors, and those yet to come. Well-being encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the circle of life.


Sts'ailes Snowoyelh's Three Programs

Te Emi:melh ~ Child and Family Services Program ~Te Lalem ~ Specialized Resource Home

Telmexw Awtexw ~ Alcohol and Drug Treatement Program


Nancy Patricia Charlie, Sel Ya:al

Snowoyelh Director

 Te Emi:melh

Te Emi:melh provides culturally based programs and services that  support goals of ensuring the safety and well being of Sts’ailes children, youth, adults, elders, families and community members and others who are guided to us.

Snowoyelh staff members work together, with each other, professionals and families, to address and resolve family issues utilizing our culture and traditions in the

best interest of Sts’ailes children, youth and families. 

Above are our staff, if you would like to speak with them please feel free to do so, we are here to support our community members.


What is Snowoyelh Staff Roles to Sts’ailes Children, Youth and Families?

In a culturally appropriate approach and manner Snowoyelh Staff provide:

  1. Education to Sts’ailes members and their families involved with Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) or delegated agencies such as: Fraser Valley Aboriginal Child and Family Service Society (Xyolhemeylh) systems serving the family and youth.
  2. To help identify the strengths and needs of families.
  3. Be a mediator between the delegated Agency system and the family by helping to educate professionals on the strengths and needs of the family.
  4. Help family members understand the different roles of the agencies involved in the system and how they may affect the family.
  5. Assist families in identifying and utilizing necessary services


Our office

Te Emi:melh Program is operated our of Snowoyelh house located at 5084 Sachem Road

If you have any questions or would like to access any of the following services please feel free to contact our office by phone 604-796-1282 or by fax 604-796-1283 or by email



Our Programs and Services

  • Advocacy
  • Family Support
  • Cultural Support
  • Children & Youth Support
  • One-to-one Support
  • Clinical Counseling – individual, couples and/or family
  • Cultural Counseling – individual, couples and/or family
  • Expressive Art & Play Therapy, Dr. F Paris  
  • Tatel  “Ladies Wellness Program”
  • Puberty Camp
  • 5-7 Year Summer Program
  • Family Camp
  • Children/Youth Groups
  • Gathering of Traditional Materials
  • Cultural Wellness
  • Health Relationships
  • Stelmexw Stl’axwtxw 
  • Sts’ailes Inter-tribal
  • And much much More please watch the upcoming program page for more information.


Our Staff


Anna                                              Brad

Anna Charlie, Thelesiya                               Bradley Charlie, xoy’ethet

Te Emi:melh Manager                                   Child & Family Advocate



Tami                                           Karla

Tami Fox, Th’exwmetho:t Siyam                    Karla Point, Hii nulth tsa kaa

Cultural Counselor                                        Cultural Counselor



 Kelsey Jr                                            Nai

Kelsey Charlie Jr., Tixwe lTel                           Naomi Kelly, T. ku’um

Youth Cultural Worker                                      Youth Cultural Worker



Katherine Charlie, Shumulqwimiye

Stelmexw Stl'axwtxw Coordinator


 Tiffany                                           Christy

Tiffany Thomas, Seliptenaut                      Christy Wenman, Soyemot

Receptionist/Hostess                                  Snowoyelh Executive Assistant