Te Lalem - Te Emi:melh


"Snowoyelh” is the natural law provided by the Creator. It is the "Law of Everything”. This Sts’ailes natural law guides us in our obligation and duty to ensure safety and wellbeing of our children, our families, our ancestors, and those yet to come. Well-being encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the circle of life.

Snowoyelh work is guided by the Seven Laws of Life: Health, Happiness, Generations, Generosity, Humility, Understanding, and Forgiveness. Our vision is to conduct ourselves in ways that are consistent with this Law.

Our culturally based programs support goals of safety and wellness for Sts’ailes children, families, community members and others who are guided to us. Almost all Snowoyelh staff have Sts’ailes roots that strengthen cultural service delivery.


Snowoyelh Department History
Snowoyelh Department was formed in February 2009. The program built on an existing model of practice consisting of a collaborative relationship between Sts’ailes Health Department (Anna-Sts’ailes Child and Family Advocate) and MCFD (Dianne). The Health Department and Aboriginal Rights and Titles Department created a proposal based on Sts’ailes culture with a key goal of assuming full responsibility for Sts’ailes Children and Families based in the community. In July 2009 the Snowoyelh House was acquired and became the center of operations.



Two and one-half Years of Rapid Growth:
Some Numbers
February 2009 – 2 Programs, 1 Director, 6 workers and 1 building
July 2016 – 2 Programs 1 Director, 3 Managers, 12 workers, and 4 buildings.




Snowoyelh #2 became a part of Snowoyelh in 2011 and grew into a place for activities such as women’s cultural wellness group, family planning meetings, team meetings, Lets’emo:t Working Groups, professional development and Expressive Art/Play Therapy Centre for Children.




Lets’emo:t Awtexw: (mini-longhouse) was built in early 2010 behind Snowoyelh House and is used for traditional circles, programs, ceremonies, cultural teachings, celebrations, enhancing cultural competencies, and Snowoyelh visitor orientation sessions.




Snowoyelh Celebrates and Shares Culture

• Organizes events to promote and enrich community
• Celebrate Wellness that benefits the individual and community
• Culture makes us proud of who we are and the land we come from
• Traditional teachings include circles and the voices of the elders
• Sharing culture with visitors from other communities
• Snowoyelh is invited to share cultural practice and knowledge in other communities
• All staff swear an oath of commitment to be healthy role models walking the Snowoyelh way.


The Programs

Te Lalem (The House)

Te Lalem started as a Sts’ailes specialized residential resource program in April 2008 through a collaborative partnership between Sts’ailes and MCFD to keep families together while parents learn to safely care for their children. Parents and children are accepted into the program through a social worker referral. Length of stay is based on each family’s unique plan. In 2009, when Snowoyelh Department was formed, te Lalem came under its umbrella. te Lalem is a family healing and growth program that has worked with 15 parents and 28 children as of June 2012. Jolie Lawrence manages this 24-hour a day 7 day a week program with the help of 6 program staff. Residents learn traditional parenting and basic life skills from staff with Sts’ailes Cultural Competencies. Residents also participate in Sts’ailes cultural community events as part of their healing and growth experience. Furthermore, residents and their families work collaboratively with staff and their social worker to develop and implement individualized safety and support plans.



Te Emi:melh (Children and Family)Snowoyelh

This program operates out of Snowoyelh House. Anna Charlie, Child & Family Advocate/Manager and Dianne Moore MCFD Team Leader/Manager co-manage this full service child and family program. In collaboration they ensure safety and well being of children and support families in a culturally appropriate manner. Eleven staff work within this program, utilizing Sts’ailes Culturally appropriate delivery of service.

In addition Contracted Consultant provides professional expertise in Sts’ailes unique program development. As of July 2011, a Sts’ailes person (Gordon Phillips) became the first fully delegated Child Protection Social Worker through a unique process of a prior learning assessment, professional development and mentoring on reserve. Gordon works exclusively with Sts’ailes. Sts’ailes unique approach keeps children within their family system while working with extended family system in developing safety and support plans.