Justice Services



Johnna William, Justice Coordinator

Justice Program

Sts’ailes Justice is working towards enhancing safety and healthy living in the community.  With our active approach to restorative justice we can provide community members information for how to deal with justice concerns.  Justice incidents include :

  1. Poaching wildlife and fish
  2. ATV motorists
  3. Drug dealing
  4. Noise disturbances
  5. Heritage site looting (Pot Hunting)
  6. Speeding, unlicensed drivers and uninsured vehicles
  7. Family violence
  • Please don't feel like you are a bother to the Fist Nation Police or RCMP.  They are there to ensure public safety and security, investigate crimes and enforce the law.  If you have a concern and want to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers.
  • Justice concerns can be brought forward by phone, email or written letter.  We are not at liberty to respond to Social Media communications.

Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Agassiz RCMP 604-796-2211

Current as of January 2018

Justice Coordinator

  • Johnna William is the Justice Coordinator since August 2017. 
  • Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • You can contact her through Health Reception at 604-796-9601


  • Articles will be submitted to "The Beating Heart" monthly
  • On-line training with JIBC - 


  • Health, Snowoyelh and Aboriginal Rights & Title Departments
  • Kwikwexwelhp
  • Probation - Chilliwack office, comes out once a month
  • RCMP First Nations Policing Unit

Meetings are held quarterly or as needed

  • Justice Steering Committee (members of council)
  • Community Consultative Group (committee members and partners)

 Council Vision:

Plans exist to develop our traditional restorative justice practices into a fully staffed and operational department. We currently need more resources to continue this promising initiative.

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