Tripartite Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony October 13, 2011TFA Document Oct 13, 2011 BC First Nations Leaders sign Tripartite Framework Agreement along with the Government of Canada and Province of BC. A very historic day October 13, 2011.

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BC First Nation Leaders along with their partners – The Province of BC and the Government of Canada are busy working together to develop an Aboriginal Health Authority so First Nations people can assume great control of our health services. We will be taking control of our health programs and services currently provided by Health Canada – First Nations & Inuit Health. This new initiative will effect all First Nations so all First Nations should be providing input. How can you get involved? If you ever hear of a HUB Gathering, please attend. If you ever hear of First Nations Health Council (FNHC), please pay attention. If you ever hear of Fraser Salish Regional Caucus or First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA), please listen and learn. These are the groups that are working hard to ensure this new initiative is community driven and community based with culturally appropriate programs and services. If you have a chance to provide input then please do so.

The First Nations Health Council has a great website with loads of up to date information on this initiative. There is a link above you can click on. Check it out! Great things are happening for us.

Sts’ailes is well represented at the table with Chief Willie Charlie who is a member of the FNHC Fraser Salish Regional Caucus. He represents independent bands. Grand Chief Doug Kelly is also a member of this caucus and he represents Sto:lo Tribal Council affiliated bands and Chief Maureen Chapman represents Sto:lo Nation affiliated bands. Virginia Peters, Sts’ailes Health Director, is a member of the First Nations Health Directors Association and she represents the Fraser Region along with Jeanine Lynxleg. Sonya Leon is also a HUB Committee Member with the "Ye mi sqeqo:tel la xwe; lets’emo:t o” HUB (stationed in Seabird). She represents Sts’ailes. There are 11 communities apart of this HUB and they are: Sts’ailes, Seabird, Scowlitz, Cheam, Chawathil, Union Bar, Shxw’ow’hamel, Soowahlie, Skwah, Kwaw Kwaw Apilt, and Kwantlen. You can contact Chief Willie Charlie, Virginia Peters, or Sonya Leon to find out more about this initiative or to pass on any health concerns or suggestions. Your input is greatly appreciated.

HUB Gatherings for ‘Ye mi sqeqo:tel la xwe’ lets’emot:o HUB":

The HUB was disolved 2015

Previous HUB Committee Members:

  • Marg Hamilton, Health Manger/ Sr. CHN
  • Sonya Williams, Executive Assistant
  • Leilani Francis, Executive Assistant

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