Health & Family Services

Eyem mextiyexw kwo:l te shxweli temexw - strong people from birth to spirit life

Director of Health & Family Services
Virginia Peters

Executive Assistant
Sherylynn Crispin

Health & Family Services Department Team Meetings the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month from 8:30 – 10:30 am.

Mission Statement

The Sts’ailes Health and Community Services Team works with the community to build a foundation of wellness through the provision of culturally appropriate programs and services that includes:

• Community Health
• Mental Health
• Child/Family & Elders Advocacy
• Recreation
• Community Health

We provide a range of health services and programs to prevent as well as treat illness – and encourage a healthy mind, spirit and body:

• Communicable Disease Control
• Immunization for all age groups
• Health Promotion and Prevention of illness
• Home Care Nursing and Home Support ServicesHearing Screening Clinic
• Community Health Representative Services
• Elder Advocacy
• Elders Council
• School Health
• Prenatal and Postnatal Health
• Diabetes Awareness and Services
• Nutritional Services
• Weekly Doctor and Nurse Practitioner Clinics
• Ophthalmology (eye) Clinics
• Environmental Health
• Medical Transportation
• Statistical Health Profiles


Health Program Manager/CHN - Marg Hamilton

Home Care Nurse/CHN - Sam Noizadan

Community Health Nurse - Jasmine Frye

Community Health Representative/COHI - Claudette Leon

Home Support Attendants - Loretta Felix & Jessie Joe & Chantelle Charlie

Community Wellness Worker & Elder's Advocate - Wanda Lewis

Health Clerk/Receptionist - Frederica Paul


Community Services


• Community Access
• Clinical Counseling
• Addictions Counseling Services
• Recreation Programs
• Youth Programs and Services
• Elected Youth Council
• Emergency Preparedness
• Justice


Community Wellness & Safety Program Assistant - Liza Leon

Alcohol & Drug Counselor - Brenda Pierre (NNADAP)

Balancing Life Styles Worker - Tim Felix

Youth/Recreation Program Coordinator - Corey Charlie


Health Committee:

Councilor Boyd Peters
Portfolio: Health, Emergency Preparedness, Restorative Justice

Councilor Tim Felix
Portfolio: Recreation, Youth, Elders

Committee Members:

Ang Hansen
David Peters
Eva Frick
Britt Felix
James S.A. Leon
Zelda Williams

Meets 2nd Thursday of every month.