Health & Family Services

Eyem mextiyexw kwo:l te shxweli temexw

strong people from birth to spirit life

Janice G
Janice George

Director of Health & Family Services


Leilani Francis
Executive Assistant


Mission Statement

The Sts’ailes Health and Community Services Team works with the community to build a foundation of wellness through the provision of culturally appropriate programs and services which include:

Community Health
Mental Health
Child/Family & Elders Advocacy
Community Wellness
Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)

Community Health Services

We provide a range of health services and programs to prevent as well as treat illness ~ and encourage a healthy mind, spirit and body:

• Communicable Disease Control
• Immunization for all age groups
• Health Promotion and Prevention of illness
• Home Care Nursing and Home Support Services
• Community Health Representative Services
• Elder Advocacy
• Elders Council
• School Health
• Prenatal and Postnatal Health
• Diabetes Awareness and Services
• Nutritional Services
• Weekly Doctor and Nurse Practitioner Clinics
• Ophthalmology (eye) Clinics
• Environmental Health
• Medical Transportation
• Statistical Health Profiles

Community Health Staff

Marg H                                          Rica

Marg Hamilton                                                Rica Paul

Health Program Manager/Sr. CHN                 Medical Office Assistant 


Arrow B                  Jasmine F                Claudette

 Arrow Bigsmoke                    Jasmine Frye                      Claudette Leon

Community Health Nurse       Home Care Nurse/CHN     Community Health Representative/COHI 


Jessica                Dorothy                   Denise

Jessie Joe                                 Dorothy Peters                            Denise Point

Home Support Attendant

Health Clinics

Foot Care:           April 10 & 17

Hearing Clinic:    May 15 from 9am-4pm

Eye Clinic:           TBC

Elder's Outings

March 23        Elders luncheon/outing to Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver with Claudette

March 25-29   Elders asked to teach at Coming of Age Program by Angela George at Lhawathet

April 4             Community Open House - Tour all band buildings and operations

April 3             Elders luncheon meeting 10am followed by a catered luncheon with Claudette/Holly

April 11           Roadmap to Wellness with Elders

May 31            Elders Honouring (6) and Welcoming New Babies (8)

July 10-12       Elders Conference at Cowichan   

Deacan Jamie Menzie Support Services

Food Bank (17.6 KB)

Next Food Bank Thursdays:  April 5 & April 18

Contact Information for Sts'ailes Health & Family Services

       Health Reception:  ph (604) 796-9601   fax (604) 796-2122

Mailing: 4690 Salish Way I Agassiz, BC V0M 1A1 

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