With a focus on traditional teachings, personal growth and high academic standards at all levels, the Sts’ailes Education Department is a great place to learn and grow. 

The Education Department consists of the Sts’ailes Early Education Center, the Sts’ailes Community School and the Sts’ailes Post Secondary Services. The Department has 44 staff serving 220 children and approximately 50 adults in a number of training and education programs.

The Department has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 5 years. The following are highlights of each main program.


  • The school received provincial First Nations school certification in 2006;
  • The daycare continues to grow and is operating at capacity with several unique programs. There are plans to expand the facility by 1600 sq feet in 2010.

Unique Programming

  • Age 3: SEEC Staff developed and implemented a program that focuses on literacy and pre-school readiness.
  • Kindergarten: Piloted a new learning tool that provides computer-based learning and is supported by Sto:lo Nation Human Resource Development.
  • Elementary: the Resource Education program provided enrichment and resource education programs.

Tracking Our High School Graduates

  • Our graduates who go on to post secondary institutes make a significant difference to our community and receive funding through the Band. We are able to track their progress through:
  • Post secondary courses
  • Employment at Band level

K-12 Achievements

  • The focal point of the academic program is literacy. New programs include Structure of Intellect for K and Gr 1, Reading Mastery for K – 7 and school-wide assessments.
  • Students have reached reading levels that meet or exceed provincial expectations.
  • Students are learning about their history and identity as Sts’ailes people. Cultural Education incorporates science and social studies curriculum in the primary grades.
  • The Incredible Years program provides opportunities for students to make positive life choices.
  • Successful Athletics Program, Choir/Music Program, Reading Club, Homework Club and Art Club.
  • Excellent academic and personal development resource services for all grades

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