Admin & HR

Admin/HR provides administrative support to Sts’ailes community employment initiatives.

We also supply human resources support services to other departments within the Band, lending our expertise to programming updates and job postings, the enhancement of correspondence, contract drafting and the hiring process.


This past year in Human Resources, Administration and Employment Assistance Services we had great success on striving for excellence in meeting the goals and visions of Chief & Council.

Our department has undertaken several organizational initiatives that are all aimed at strengthening the capacity for the development of Sts’ailes operating policies and governance. In order to move forward on these initiatives a policy working group was established to address all operational policies for the Sts’ailes organization. The Policy Working group was instrumental in achieving the following initiatives for the Human Resource Department:

• Updating the Sts’ailes Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual/Organizational Charts
• Updating the Salary Administration Policy and Grid/Job Descriptions
• Information Technology (IT) Policy
• Development of a Human Resource Handbook
• Update and Amend Job Descriptions and Standardize Human Resource Forms


Job Application Form (994.6 KB)