Sts'ailes Cultural Heritage Resources Policy

In May of 2010, Sts'ailes' AR&T department updated and expanded our Cultural Heritage Resources Policy. We encourage people to read our policy and expect those who do work in Sts'ailes Territory to comply with it.

Overview of Policy:

As Sts’ailes people, we have inherited the rights and responsibilities to look after heritage resources in our traditional territory. These rights and responsibilities have existed for thousands of years and have never been alienated from us. We consider all heritage resources within our territory to be sacred (xáxe) and endeavor to protect them accordingly.
This document outlines some of the mechanisms that we have put in place to ensure that we can continue our tradition of stewardship. Sts’ailes’ Cultural Heritage Policy manual includes our philosophy of cultural heritage preservation, outlines the nature of our cultural heritage resources, and provides a process for the identification, protection, and interpretation of these resources. Also included in this document are guidelines for professional archaeologists conducting Archaeological Impact Assessments and guidelines for academics wishing to conduct research with Sts’ailes people or in Sts’ailes territory.

Sts'ailes Cultural Heritage Resources Policy (2.6 MB)

This policy is subject to change.