Who we are

20mbSts’ailes is a progressive, independent, non-profit Band that is not involved in the Treaty process. The mandate of our organization is to represent and govern the Sts’ailes Band and our community members. We also strive to provide services and programs that will support, enhance and enrich the lives of all community members.

We have demonstrated the ability to rise from one staff member working in the Chief’s home in 1974 to over 200 Band and Development Corporation staff working in and utilizing eleven separate buildings. Eight of these buildings are Band owned and three operate under the Development Corporation. Over half of the on-reserve Band members are employed by these two successful Sts’ailes organizations.

The success of our community and organization would not have been possible without the Vision of our Chief and Council, who are elected by the people. Also key to our success was the implementation of the Director/Management Team Structure that was formed in 1999 to replace the imposed Indian and Northern Affairs Canada management system.

The Sts’ailes are applying a more local-controlled focus to decision making as well as implementing a community and staff informed governance structure. This includes drafting a membership code and a new housing policy.