Cedar HeadbandThe Sts’ailes organization consists of nine departments:

  • Aboriginal Rights & Title
  • Administration/Human Resources
  • Capital Projects & Public Works
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Snowoyelh
  • Employment Assistance Services

The Sts’ailes organization is also relatively linked to the Sts’ailes Development Corporation (SDC). The Sts’ailes Development Corporation was officially inaugurated in February 2009 based on the Vision of Chief and Council. Today, a community member and Council member sit on the Board of Directors. The Chief Operating Officer sits on the Directors/Management Team relative to the Directors/Managers of the Band.

Justice/Fishing Rights

Justice and fishing rights issues are currently managed through the Aboriginal Rights & Title, Health and Snowoyelh Departments. They are handled by the respective Portfolio Holders, in addition to the Fisheries & Wildlife Portfolio Holder.